Big scary Carmel Church fish

20131118-222754.jpgOn the first day of our Carmel Church excavation last November Christina found associated remains of a fish skull (above). This was pretty exciting, because associated fish remains (multiple bones from one individual) are relatively rare at Carmel Church. I did a little prep work in my hotel room (below), but the specimen was deeply weathered with a hard crust, as is typical of Carmel Church bones exposed at the surface. Further preparation had to wait until we returned to the museum. Continue reading

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Schiele Fossil Fair


The Paleontology Department is spending the day in Gastonia, North Carolina to participate in the Schiele Museum of Natural History Fossil Fair.

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From the Collections Room (Rangifer)


I had planned to spend most of this week involved with Roanoke College’s Darwin Day festival, but the east coast snowstorm postponed that event and kept the museum closed for part of the week. With all the snow, it seems like a good time to discuss one of the most recently identified fossils in the VMNH collection, a tooth from a caribou. Continue reading

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Georgia Science Teachers Association meeting


On Tuesday we loaded the recently-completed giant beaver in my truck, along with display panels and a bunch of other casts, and Brett and I headed south to Macon, Georgia. Through the end of the week we’ll be attending the meeting of the Georgia Science Teachers Association.

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Castoroides – finished!

2014-02-03aThis afternoon, we finally completed our first of several mounts of the giant beaver Castoroides ohioensis! Continue reading

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Governor McAuliffe visits the Paleontology Lab

2014-01-31aThis afternoon Virginia’s recently elected governor Terry McAuliffe visited VMNH for a tour of the Paleontology Lab. Continue reading

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Castoroides…almost there!


The bad weather across the southeast has thrown schedules into turmoil, but even with the museum closed to the public Ray and I have been coming in to work on several projects, including our Castoroides mount. Continue reading

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