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Lab Update

We have several new interns from Martinsville High School working in the VP lab, and their efforts are already starting to pay off.

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The Hoffman Symposium

Today VMNH is hosting a symposium entitled “ A Lifetime of Contributions to Myriapodology and the Natural History of Virginia: A Symposium in Honor of Richard L. Hoffman’s 80th Birthday.” The symposium was organized and funded by VMNH, the Virginia Natural History … Continue reading

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Paleontology in the news

Some interesting articles published in Science this week have been getting a fair amount news coverage. First is a report by Alan Turner, Peter J. Makovicky, and Mark A. Norell on the presence of feather quill knobs in the dinosaur Velociraptor. In modern … Continue reading

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Whale tooth from New Jersey

These photos come to us from Steve Ballwanz, via Paul Murdoch. Steve found this specimen in the Miocene Kirkwood Formation in New Jersey. In this view (the lateral side of the tooth) it appears to be a typical tooth from … Continue reading

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Recent VP Publications from VMNH scientists

Image from Karen Carr/VMNH Last June our department published two papers on vertebrate fossils from Virginia. The first, in the June issue of the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, was the description of Mecistotracelos apeoros, a small gliding reptile from the Triassic Cow … Continue reading

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Dinosaur pelvis from Wyoming

For eight years VMNH has been excavating dinosaur fossils from Jurassic Period sediments near Shell, Wyoming. In 2004 we collected the pelvis from a young sauropod dinosaur in two jackets. These have now been opened in the new lab.

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Tooth from the James River

A few days ago Glenn Creggar emailed these pictures to me (thanks to Vicky Carwile for taking the photos.) Glenn found the specimen on a beach along the James River in Surry County, VA.

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First jacket

This is the first jacket opened in the new lab, two months later. This specimen is a baleen whale skull, collected from the Carmel Church Quarry in Caroline County in the Spring of 2006. It was found in sediments that … Continue reading

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First posting

This is the first posting for a new blog on vertebrate paleontology. This site will unofficially cover the activities of the Vertebrate Paleontology Department at the Virginia Museum of Natural History, where I am employed. I may include photos of … Continue reading

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