First posting

This is the first posting for a new blog on vertebrate paleontology. This site will unofficially cover the activities of the Vertebrate Paleontology Department at the Virginia Museum of Natural History, where I am employed. I may include photos of specimens being cleaned in our new preparation lab in Martinsville, VA, announcements of new publications, reports from the field, and discussions of paleontology topics in the news.

I’ll be striving to keep the site as up-to-date as possible. My hope is to have a new post twice a week or so, but that may vary (especially as internet access is sometimes spotty when in the field!)

Readers are encouraged to post questions and comments to this blog (within the guidelines on the main page.) One of the goals of this site is to encourage a broad and stimulating discussion of the history of life.

As the first teaser, the photos above show the very first vertebrate fossil moved into the new VMNH lab. The left photo was taken in June of 2006, when we were excavating the jacket. The photo on the right is the same jacket in our new lab on opening weekend, 1 April 2007. More on this specimen soon.

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