First jacket

This is the first jacket opened in the new lab, two months later. This specimen is a baleen whale skull, collected from the Carmel Church Quarry in Caroline County in the Spring of 2006. It was found in sediments that are approximately 14 million years old.

There is clearly a lot more work to do, but much of the skull is already visible in this photo, which was taken on June 4. The red arrow points to the back of the head, while the blue arrows indicate various parts of the upper jaw (the rostrum). The green arrows show the two halves of the lower jaw, and the orange arrows indicate vertebrae. All of the bones immediately around the black arrow are fragments of fish and other whales.

So far we have not been able to assign this whale to a particular species. Certain details of its anatomy are quite different from the other whales we have excavated from Carmel Church. In addition to the jacket containing the skull and lower jaws, we also have four other jackets containing vertebrae and ribs from the same skeleton. These have not yet been opened.

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