Dinosaur pelvis from Wyoming

For eight years VMNH has been excavating dinosaur fossils from Jurassic Period sediments near Shell, Wyoming. In 2004 we collected the pelvis from a young sauropod dinosaur in two jackets. These have now been opened in the new lab.

The complete pelvis consists of three bones on each side, the ilium, the pubis, and the ischium. We recovered part of one ilium, and both pubes and ischia.

The photo at the top shows the jacket as it appeared in June. Here is the right ischium after being removed from the jacket…

…and the left ischium, which was removed from the jacket last week.

In a surprise visit, VMNH field volunteer Mary Barlow stopped by the lab yesterday. Mary was one of the two volunteers (along with Beth Southwell) that did most of the excavation work on this specimen. This was the first time Mary has seen the specimen since we encased it in its field jacket three years ago!

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