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Geaux fossils!

We spent Monday in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I lived here for 8 years while working on my Ph.D. at Louisiana State University. This was my first trip back since 2000. Our visit included a brief trip to see LSU’s mascot, … Continue reading

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On the road to Austin

Last night (actually early this morning) we checked into a motel in Chattanooga, TN. As we were parking we noticed a cut through some sedimentary rocks at the back of the lot, and checked them out this morning as we … Continue reading

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New in the lab, and upcoming travel

We had a big day today, as we moved three new jackets into the lab. All three jackets (with an estimated combined weight of around half a ton!) come from the 14-million-year-old sediments at the Carmel Church Quarry in Caroline … Continue reading

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From Williamsburg

Yet another fossil identification request, this time from Sean Moran, who is a student at the  College of William and Mary. Sean found this vertebra in the Late Miocene Cobham Bay Member of the Eastover Formation in Williamsburg.

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From the beach at Hampton

Dr. Barbara Abraham from Hampton University sent this picture to VMNH for identification. This specimen washed up on the beach at the university.

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Progress on Diplodocus

I reported last month on our Diplodocus pelvis from Shell, Wyoming, which we have been cleaning in our lab. We accomplished two milestones in its preparation today. We completed the preparation work on the left ischium, shown above (the right … Continue reading

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Dr. Fraser returns from China

VMNH’s Director of Research Nick Fraser recently returned from a two-week trip to Liaoning Province in China. He has been collaborating with Brian Axsmith of the University of South Alabama and Zan Shuqin of the National Geological Museum of China to collect … Continue reading

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