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In the news–whale ancestors, and more ear bones

An interesting paper by Hans Thewissen and four co-authors was published in this week’s Nature (read the abstract–the full article is by subscription; and the Pharyngula story) The article suggests a possible artiodactyl ancestor to the whales, and the evidence centers around … Continue reading

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Westmoreland whale

For the last four months Allyson Gardner, an intern from Patrick County High School, has been working on a fossil whale skull from Westmoreland County, Virginia.

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The ear of a whale

Work continues on the Carmel Church whale. One of the bones removed recently was the left petrosal, shown above.

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Is this really a fossil?

When excavating at Carmel Church, it’s pretty common to find nondescript things like the one above, that look like, well, rocks. But when these things are broken, they have an entirely different appearance on the inside…

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Farewell to Nick Fraser

This Wednesday, long-time VMNH paleontologist Nick Fraser flies to Britain to begin his new post as Keeper of Natural Sciences at the National Museum of Scotland.

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