Preparation for Dino Day

This week we’ve been moving dinosaur specimens from our old facility on Douglas Avenue to our new building on Starling Avenue in preparation for Dino Day this Saturday. In addition to all sorts of children’s activities, we’ll be exhibiting more than a dozen dinosaur bones that are usually kept in storage, including several that have never before been on display.

As part of the activities, we’ll be opening the field jacket shown above for the first time. This huge scapulocoracoid (shoulder blade) from a sauropod dinosaur was collected by VMNH near Shell, Wyoming in 2002 (thanks to volunteer Tim Dooley who took a break from cleaning the lab in order to serve as a scale).

Below is the same bone while being excavated in 2002 with volunteer Wendell Keyes (Wendell did most of the excavation work on this specimen).

If you’re close to Martinsville this Saturday stop by for a visit.

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2 Responses to Preparation for Dino Day

  1. Dan Omura says:

    I would have loved to attend to the Dino Day. Are there any other activities like this one when common people could participate directly with researchers?
    I think Tim makes a great job as a human scale bar!!!
    Congratulations on the webpage!

  2. Alton Dooley says:

    Thanks, Dan!

    VMNH has four family-oriented Saturdays each year, each with a different theme (paleontology, herpetology, entomology, and archaeology.) We also have Saturday field trips, plus the 1-2 week trips and our public excavations at Carmel Church and in Wyoming. And of course our prep lab is glassed-in, so any visitor to the museum can see what we’re preparing.

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