Dino Day!

Yesterday we had a very successful Dino Day. While I don’t have the exact count, it was attended by over 1200 people, which I believe makes it the most attended day in VMNH history.

In the lab, Bronwyn, Whitney, Brett Dooley and I opened the sauropod shoulder blade shown in Friday’s post (thanks to Brett for shooting the video.) What we thought would be a quick 30-minute project turned into a 90-minute ordeal, but we finally successfully opened the jacket. (One intrepid family stood outside the window for the entire 90 minutes!)

In addition to the jacket opening we had numerous prepared specimens on display, as well as several models, crafts, and a play for children. The photos below were taken by Tim Dooley:

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1 Response to Dino Day!

  1. Alton Dooley says:

    I’m now told that the attendance at Dino Day was over 1300 people.

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