Whale update 3

Our new sandbox has enabled us to lay out the prepared parts of the Carmel Church whale skull. This photo shows what we have so far.

Below is a diagram comparing the prepared parts of our skull to a line drawing of Aglaocetus. The bones marked in green are the premaxillae, and the ones marked in red are the maxillae. (See our first whale skull update for more explanation, and to measure our progress.) Again, these two whales, while related, are apparently not the same species, and they are not to the same scale (I believe Aglaocetus is larger than the Carmel Church whale.)

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2 Responses to Whale update 3

  1. Doug says:

    I remember a quote from an old video that sums up this kind of work pretty well:
    “Assembling a fossil is like building a model, but with no instructions and definitely no picture on the box. And most likely, there are pieces missing.”- Martin Sheen
    looks like your new sand box is already pulling it’s weight.

  2. Alton Dooley says:

    And with pieces of other models mixed in with it. And the pieces disintegrate if you are too rough with them.

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