Diplodocus update

One of the two jacket we opened last March contained four of the six bones from a Diplodocus pelvis. Largely through the hard work of volunteer Decker Chaney, we have almost completed this jacket (see earlier updates on this jacket herehere, and here). The last bone, the left pubis, has been removed from the jacket and reconstructed. Yesterday I filled the cracks on one side of the bone with epoxy. Tomorrow or Tuesday we’ll fill the cracks on the other side, and we’ll finally be ready to place the bone in storage (at least until we have room to exhibit it.)

Decker is still working on the fifth bone from this pelvis, a partial left ilium. It should be finished in a few weeks.

Later this week I’ll be driving to Lincoln, Nebraska to present a lecture on the Carmel Church Quarry to the University of Nebraska -Lincoln Department of Geosciences. During the trip, I’ll be posting whenever I can get internet access about the geology and paleontology we see along the way.

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