Carmel Church MUSE award

When the new VMNH building opened last year, we premiered a whole range of custom-designed exhibits, many of which were intended to showcase research carried out at VMNH. One of these exhibits (shown above) is the Carmel Church section of “Uncovering Virginia”, a hall dedicated to understanding Virginia’s past history.

On Sunday, the American Association of Museums awarded VMNH and Cortina Productions a Silver MUSE Award in the Interactive Kiosk category for the Carmel Church exhibit.

The award was specifically for the interactive screen and model of the Carmel Church bonebed, that allows visitors to explore the site and discover what kinds of fossils are preserved there. Here are some of the judges comments, from the American Association of Museums website:

“ The Carmel Church Bone Bed kiosk is an incredibly intuitive kiosk that is simple and effective yet with beautiful production values.  It engages visitors on multiple levels, pulling together the fossils, the site and the research.”

There is a press release about the award on the VMNH website, as well as additional photos of the exhibit.

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1 Response to Carmel Church MUSE award

  1. Doug says:

    Congratulations on your award! I look forward to seeing it someday.

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