Sauropod chevron

I’ve been on vacation this week, which is why I’ve been slow writing a new post.

Volunteer Jim Slezak has been preparing various dinosaur bones from one of our Wyoming sites. The latest one he has completed is this sauropod chevron.

The chevrons are small bones that articulate with the bottoms of the caudal (tail) vertebrae, as shown in this photo of a mounted skeleton of Diplodocus:

I’m not sure yet which species this chevron represents; the site where it was collected has produced three different sauropods (DiplodocusApatosaurus, and Camarasaurus).

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One Response to Sauropod chevron

  1. Doug says:

    perhaps that hole in the middle can provide a clue. I’m a little rusty with dinosaurs, but isn’t Diplodocus named for something like that?

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