Whale update 5

I did a fair amount of work on the baleen whale skull from Carmel Church this week. Some of the pieces removed from the jacket are net yet ready for photographs, but I have assembled more of the rostrum, shown above.

Below is our progress diagram, again using Aglaocetus patulus as a guide.

One big change is that I finally located part of the vomer, which is marked in blue on the drawing. It had been pushed down after burial, and so was located closer to the top of the skull than I had anticipated (remember that the skull was preserved upside down). I’ve also added a bit more to the premaxillae (green) and the right maxilla (red). If you compare this to the earlier updates (from April 1February 4January 21, and November 29) you’ll see that the relative positions of the maxillae and premaxillae have shifted somewhat, as the proportions have become clearer during preparation.

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1 Response to Whale update 5

  1. Doug says:

    Must be fun working on a whale

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