Wyoming Day 5

There was a light rain this morning, but we still headed out the site only about an hour late. There was a brief additional delay from the pronghorns standing in the road (yes, that dirt path is the road to our site)!

By late morning the weather had cleared, and we made a lot of progress. The first bone we uncovered, which I originally thought might be a giant rib, turns out to probably be a small scapula (shoulder blade):

We also have a round, flat bone which might be a sauropod sternum (below). We were able to jacket this bone in the afternoon.

Brett found the very fragile bone shown below while working on the scapula (it’s also just visible at the top of the scapula picture above). I believe it is part of the spine of either a cervical (neck) or dorsal (back) vertebra. We were also able to jacket this bone today.

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