Wyoming Day 7

This morning Decker and Grenda headed back home after completing their week here; a new group arrives tomorrow. After their departures we drove out to the site under clear skies (another section of the entrance road is shown above).

After several hours of work, we were able to flip over the scapula that we jacketed yesterday. Flipping a jacket is always the most nerve-wracking part of excavating a bone, because a lot of things can go wrong. If the plaster didn’t set well or there isn’t enough bracing the bone can break. If the undercutting isn’t deep enough the bone can fall out of the bottom of the jacket. If you misidentify the bone you might break it off  by not recognizing that there’s more of it in the ground. Or, there can be additional bones deeper in the sediment that can be damaged.

With this jacket we had a perfect flip. The reddish material in the left part of the jacket is the bottom of the bone; the lighter brown on the right is sediment that’s still covering the bone.

After flipping the jacket another storm suddenly moved into the area, and we once again had to rush to cover the site, just beating the rain.

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