Wyoming Day 8/Sheep Mountain Anticline

No digging today, as I had to go to Billings to pick up our next group of diggers.

As you drive to Billings on US310, just north of Greybull you pass by the Sheep Mountain Anticline. An anticline is a fold in which the rocks get younger as you move away from the axis (center) of the fold (as opposed to a syncline, in which the rocks get older as you move away from the axis).

At the south end of Sheep Mountain (above) is a bright red rock layer; as at Wind River Canyon and Shell Creek Canyon, this is the Triassic Chugwater Formation. The grey rocks just to the left are the Permain Phosphoria Formation.

Below, the buff-colored rocks at the top of the mountain are once again the Mississippian-age Madison Limestone.

I put this panorama together of the entire mountain, as visible from an overlook on US310:

A striking difference in the views in Wyoming, as compared to Virginia, is how far you can see. The entire length of Sheep Mountain as shown above is about 15 miles.

There are aerial photos of Sheep Mountain available herethis technical paper (pdf format) includes a geologic map of Sheep Mountain.

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