Wyoming Days 12 and 13

Lots of activity has kept me from posting for the last few days. Thursday morning it was pouring rain, but it cleared around 2:00 pm and we were able to go to the site for a few hours, even though it was cold and windy. Late in the afternoon we headed to Dirty Annie’s to warm up, and have a dinner to celebrate Brett’s and my anniversary.

Friday morning, on the other hand, was warm and sunny, and we were able to make our final two jackets:

We then began back-filling the pit, which cuts down on erosion and make the site less visible (there have been instances in which sites have been plundered or vandalized):

By Friday afternoon, we finished up this year’s excavation. Today, we’ll be loading the specimens in our vehicles, repairing the wiring harness on my truck (that was damaged driving over the road to the site), and breaking camp.

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