Fossil arrivals

Boxley Materials delivered their giant stromatolite to the museum on Wednesday. There was some excitement while we tried to find a forklift that would lift the specimen (the first one we looked at was only rated for 2,500 lbs–nowhere near enough!), but with Boxley’s help we eventually moved the specimen safely into the museum. We hope that it will go on exhibit in a few months.

Thursday morning we finally were able to unload the specimens we collected in Wyoming:

Photos by Zach Ryder.

Above, Amy and I are removing the sauropod scapula from the back of my truck. Incidentally, Amy will be working with us all summer on an internship, so you’ll be seeing more of her work here in the coming weeks.


Regular poster and Wyoming volunteer Grenda Dennis has donated four bottles of PaleoBond adhesives and stabilizers to the museum. Adhesives are expensive, and Grenda’s donation is probably equal to 5-10% of my annual lab budget, freeing up those funds for other supplies and activities (like excavations). Thanks, Grenda!

I wish everyone a happy July 4 weekend.

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