Carmel Church Day 2

This morning the weather looked a little ominous as we ate breakfast:

It did rain a bit for the first few hours, but it wasn’t heavy and we were able to continue working on the St. Marys baleen whale we found yesterday. At the top of the page, Alexa is digging a trench around a series of fragments that I believe are from the left scapula (shoulder blade).

By mid-day, we had uncovered both dentaries, as shown below:

There is an additional small bone sitting between the dentaries; this may be a rib, but I’m not sure. We removed it for later preparation, and then made plaster field jackets for the scapula and for each dentary. Unfortunately, this seems to be the extent of the St. Marys material. We should finish this pit in the morning and then turn our attention to the Calvert Formation, where we have already uncovered several whale bones and numerous sharks’ teeth.

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