Carmel Church Day 6

With beautiful weather today, and a virtual army of volunteers, we made lots of progress. We’ve now uncovered a large number of bones; I estimate at least several dozen. It’s always difficult to make field counts and identifications at Carmel Church, in part because the bonebed is so dense that the bones are often stacked on top of each other.

By 11 am, we were finally ready to make the first Calvert field jacket, covering the series of vertebrae we found earlier this week. In order to make a trench around the bones, we had to remove two of the vertebrae. These were placed in bags, leaving a dense group of at least four vertebrae, as well as other bones:

Amy and I then undercut the bones:

Covered them with foil (to protect them from the plaster):

And then made the plaster jacket.

Here’s a video showing the process in more detail: 

Just to give an idea of how much bone we’ve already uncovered:

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