Carmel Church Day 7

Even by Carmel Church standards, we’re found a lot of bones, and it has slowed us down a bit. It’s hard to make a lot of progress when you find a new bone every few centimeters. All of the light-colored features above are whale bones; there are 22 visible in the picture, but that’s just a small part of what we’ve uncovered.

The photo above demonstrates one of our difficulties. The rib just above the scale bar is lying in the middle of one of our trenches. The rib had to be removed separately, which took more than an hour.

Even so, we made a small jacket over several other bones:

Brett also returned to Martinsville today, carrying 5 plaster jackets (including all the St. Marys material), as well as several hundred teeth and miscellaneous bones. Here are two of the more interesting small remains from yesterday:

An isolated dolphin tooth, found by Paul Murdoch.

A symphyseal tooth (from the very front of the jaw) from a 7-gilled cow shark, found by Amy Garrett.

The weather looks good tomorrow, so I expect we’ll get several jackets made.

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