Carmel Church Day 8, and milestones

First, the milestones: there are two coming up soon. This Sunday, September 7, will be the first anniversary of the VMNH Vertebrate Paleontology Blog. Here are some stats (as of today):

112 posts
On-site reports from 13 states
Daily reports from 3 different fossil excavations
Daily reports from 3 scientific meetings
9185 page views

Which brings us to the second milestone: we are approaching our 10,000th page view. In honor of this occasion, I would like the person who gets the 10,000 view to take a screen shot of the blog homepage, showing the hit counter (it’s in the lower left corner) reading 10,000. If you email me that image, along with your name and mailing address, I will send you either a signed copy of the description of Squalodon whitmorei (VMNH Memoir 8), or a coffee mug with the VMNH logo and a drawing of Eobalaenoptera harrisoni–your choice.


Now, on to day 8. As Carter can’t stay with us all week, I spent most of the morning training on the backhoe. It’s a bit different than the forklifts I used to drive for a living, and I’m not fast, but I can now get the job done safely.

We made another jacket today (this is our fourth from the Calvert, and the 8th of this trip); it’s visible at the lower right in the photo below, along with numerous additional bones.

One of the more remarkable specimens is this baleen whale lower jaw, which Grenda Dennis spent the entire day excavating:

Hopefully we can jacket this tomorrow. I’m also hoping to jacket the mass of bone shown below, which Keith Degnan has been working on for the last two days:

I’m not sure what’s in this jacket, but it includes at least one vertebra and several ribs.

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One Response to Carmel Church Day 8, and milestones

  1. Bronwyn says:

    I’m looking at the counter, and it says 9530-I’m seriously thinking about visiting this page 470 more times 🙂

    I’m just kidding. Congratulations on the anniversary, keep up the blog. It’s really great.

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