Carmel Church Day 9

It’s often said that paleontologists are kids that never grew up, and are permanently stuck in that dinosaur-fascination phase that other kids eventually outgrow. Apparently, we also never grow out of the tendency to build forts out of couch cushions, or whatever else is available.

Inside, Fort Carmel Church is a hive of activity:

We didn’t make any new jackets today (too much new bone), but we did flip one of yesterday’s jackets. To do this we drive a sharpened leaf-spring under the jacket:

A few weeks ago, I talked about the odd relationship between the conglomerate and the bonebed at Carmel Church. Here is a stunning example of this:

The light-colored area at top center is a huge rock that Brett found a few days ago. The long brownish-green feature to the right of the scale bar is a whale rib I found when I removed the jacket in front of it; it’s sitting directly below the large rock.

More prepared goodies: an upper cow shark tooth (Notorynchus cepidianus), found by Tim Dooley, and a lower tooth from the same species, found by Amy Garrett (the two teeth are not from the same individual).

The current five-day forecast from NOAA on Hurricane Hanna has the hurricane sitting over Carmel Church at 2 pm this Saturday. I had originally intended to work until Sunday, but because of the forecast we’re going to wrap up on Friday instead.

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2 Responses to Carmel Church Day 9

  1. Doug says:

    Yeah, I never understood why interest n fossils is considered juvenile. Sucks that a hurricane is cutting your dig short.

  2. Alton Dooley says:

    Well, we’re only losing a day, and I’m coming back in a few weeks, so it’s not too bad.

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