Carmel Church Day 10

When I first described Carmel Church to volunteer Keith Degnan, he called it “an embarrassment of riches.” That’s an excellent description; I may be one of the world’s only vertebrate paleontologists that complains about finding too many bones.

Because of the abundance of bones, we still weren’t able to make any jackets today, although we continued to remove cool smaller specimens, like the Carcharocles megalodon tooth that Amy found (above). We are close to making some more jackets, and with any luck we’ll take out at least two tomorrow.

Most of our difficulties center on what appears to be a large part of an articulated whale skeleton. We already removed what appears to be part of the skull last March, as well as at least 5 vertebrae earlier on this trip (see here and here).  It turns out that the vertebrae keep going–there are eight in the photo below, indicated by the red arrows (and remember we’ve already taken out five):

Today we also found a scapula, indicated by the green arrow. Here’s a closeup:

And here’s a closeup of the last three vertebrae in the series:

All these bones are really slowing us down (I know, what a problem to have!)


As a side note, Tim has a blog about live animals, including many from Carmel Church (I prefer to think of these as future fossils). You can see his blog at:


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