Carmel Church Day 11

There isn’t a great deal to report today, even though it was very productive. We made three jackets, including the baleen whale dentary shown above. We were about a half-day behind schedule on this one, because of our usual problem–more bone. In this case the new bones are visible below and to the right of the scale bar. There were at least two ribs, and several bones I wasn’t able to identify.

Here is something we found a few days ago, but only recently cleaned up:

This is a fairly odd mammal tooth, and is unlike anything I’ve seen before at Carmel Church. It has highly compressed cutting edges along the tooth margins, and a hollow root. I don’t think it’s a dolphin, but I’m not sure; there are some relatively obscure dolphin teeth out there (someone with a copy of Lee Creek IV might be able to find this; I didn’t bring my copy with me). If it’s not a cetacean, the next most likely candidates are a seal or a terrestrial carnivore. Seals are known from Carmel Church; terrestrial carnivores are not, although they are known from elsewhere in the Calvert Formation.

Tomorrow is our last day for this excavation, as we attempt to shut down ahead of Tropical Storm Hanna.

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4 Responses to Carmel Church Day 11

  1. Anonymous says:

    It would be awesome to find a terrestrial carnivore! Good luck with the identification.

  2. Doug says:

    That is a very interesting tooth. The shape implies pinniped a bit, but the compressed cutting edges are a mystery. A carnivorous sea lion-like walrus is know from Sharktooth Hill, but not even he had teeth like that.

  3. Alton Dooley says:

    It’s a strange one; hopefully we’ll have it sorted out soon.

    I’m back home now; I should have a Carmel Church wrap-up post soon.

  4. Will says:

    Is there any possibility that it’s a camel canine? Its hard to tell with just a picture, but thats what I immediately thought of.

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