Carmel Church Day 12

Yesterday we closed down our excavation about 30 minutes ahead of the first rainfall associated with Hanna. We just managed to fit our last 6 jackets into the back of my truck (above).

Overall it was a highly successful excavation. We removed 11 jackets in 11 days (we lost a day last week due to rain), as well as several dozen bags of additional material. These included 3 baleen whales jaws, several ribs and vertebrae from another baleen whale, and several hundred other bones and teeth from whales, sharks, and bony fish. More importantly, with the backhoe we were able to prepare the rest of the site so that our future excavations will go more quickly.

I’d like to acknowledge and thank Mark Goethel and Wayne Allen from Martin Marietta, who have been very helpful in ensuring us access to the site, as well as the 12 volunteers who spent time at the site over the last two weeks. I’m planning a series of excavations at Carmel Church over the next few months, including (hopefully) one later in September. I’ll be posting updates from those as well.

Here is another of the fossils from this trip: a partial stingray tail spine, found by Tim a few days ago:

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3 Responses to Carmel Church Day 12

  1. Doug says:

    You know, for a moment there, I thought that was a sawfish bill. Never seen a stingray spine with all the little serrations running down the sides.

  2. Alton Dooley says:

    We do get sawfish at Carmel Church, but only the rostral teeth (we found several on this trip).

  3. Dan Omura says:

    I also thought it was a sawfish bill. We lost /left a huge one in the desert when Bruce MacFadden came down to Peru and visited Pisco Basin. Again congrats on the blog and hope you have more succesfull excavations!!!

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