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Carmel Church birds

Ward removed the bone shown above from one of the whale jackets. This is the left humerus of a bird, probably a gannet. Gannets (genus Morus) are the most common birds in the Calvert Formation, and at least three species are … Continue reading

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Whale update-more vertebrae

Just before I left for SVP, I found the last two jackets from the Carmel Church whale and moved them into the lab so Ward could work on them while I was gone. The larger of the two jackets (above) … Continue reading

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SVP, Day 4

It was a full slate for me today, as there were lots of whale and other mammal talks. Aaron Wood et al. presented on a new specimen of the Eocene horse Hyracotherium from Wyoming with a well-preserved vertebral column (the specimen … Continue reading

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SVP, Day 3

Today was the SVP bloggers lunch, where I got to meet a lot of paleontology bloggers, mostly for the first time. I already have links to many of their sites posted, and I’ll be adding more, so make sure you … Continue reading

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SVP, Day 2 (updated)

This morning was the Romer Prize session, a competition for student research. While I didn’t stay for the entire session, I did make it to several talks. Taketeru Tomita attempted to look at shark feeding strategies based on tooth shape … Continue reading

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SVP, Day 1

I spent the morning in a symposium on early vertebrates. The first talks were on the Cleveland Shale, a Devonian unit from this area that has produced large numbers of fossil fish; 66 species in fact, according to the first … Continue reading

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Upcoming travel, VMNH news (updated)

It’s been a busy and not especially pleasant week at VMNH. The current US economic crisis has filtered down to the state level, and Virginia announced major budget cuts on Thursday. For VMNH, in order to keep the museum functioning we eliminated … Continue reading

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So what whale is this?

The bone on the left in the photo above is the right humerus we removed at Carmel Church a few days ago. While we were excavating I remarked to the other diggers that the bone seemed unusually large, especially when compared … Continue reading

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Calvert Marine Museum

As I attempt to catch up on missed work at the museum and get my poster ready for this month’s SVP meeting, I’ve slipped a little on blog updates, but hopefully I can pick up the pace a bit.

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