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Caroline County Visitor Center

Saturday was the public unveiling of the new Caroline County Visitor Center in Carmel Church.

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From the collections room

The specimen shown above is hiding away in our collections storage room. It’s a fragment of the skull from a medium-sized dolphin in the Family Kentriodontidae. Kentriodontids are found worldwide in Miocene deposits, and there are several species found in … Continue reading

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New exhibit skeletons

There was a lot of excitement today, when Matt Fair and Brett Crawford from Research Casting International arrived in Martinsville to install a cast skeleton of Pteranodon. Pteranodon is a late Cretaceous pterosaur (winged reptile) from the marine deposits in the midwest, particularly Kansas. … Continue reading

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Conococheague Formation, Part 2

Even though the Conococheague Formation is highly deformed at the Blue Ridge Quarry, there is still a lot of information about the original environment in which these sediments were deposited. The first piece of evidence is the stromatolites.

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Conococheague Formation, Part 1

Since VMNH received the remarkable Boxley stromatolite a few months ago, I have read several hundred pages on both stromatolites and the Conococheague Formation, the rock unit exposed in the Boxley Blue Ridge Quarry. As part of my follow-up on the specimen, … Continue reading

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