Carmel Church Day 8

The main thing we found today was mud – lots and lots of mud. It finally stopped raining last night, but was cool and overcast today, so the quarry didn’t dry out very much. We spent a good part of the day working on drainage ditches to keep water out of the pit, and started removing sediment to the right (east) of yesterday’s jacket. This sediment has to be removed before we can get to the continuation of the vertebral column (the photo above, taken yesterday, shows Amanda and Stephanie beginning to remove this material). I thought this would be pretty straightforward, but today I found at least three whale vertebrae in this patch of sediment, which is only about 2 square feet. None of them appear to be part of our main whale, but they will slow us down a bit.

Since I don’t have good photos of those vertebrae yet (they look like, well, mud) here’s a bonus picture to hold you over; a tiny partial lower dentition from a ray (probably Aetobatus), which we collected a few days ago.

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