Solite Day 3

It looks like Apple may have corrected the iWeb bugs that were interfering with comments (keep your fingers crossed).

Solite is often a strange site to excavate. After being swamped with Tanytrachelos specimens for 2 days, I don’t think we found any today. Instead, we found lots of plants. OK, we always find lots of plants at Solite, but these were interesting plants!

The cladogram-shaped plant at the top of the page is one of the larger intact plants we’ve collected (note the scale). Unfortunately, it’s probably not identifiable, but it is impressive-looking. We actually got this out in one piece.

This leaf is from some type of gymnosperm, possibly a conifer:

The next specimen may actually be the same type of plant; compressed plants will sometimes fold over in ways that greatly alter their appearance. It does seem that the leaflets are relatively more broad, though:

The day wasn’t completely devoid of vertebrates. We collected perhaps a half-dozen fish, including this impressive specimen:

Nick, Andy, and David (and Pete Kroehler from the Smithsonian) will be digging again tomorrow, but I won’t be there most of the day because of other conflicts. I may have a post up on another topic Wednesday morning, and then I’ll get back to Solite.

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3 Responses to Solite Day 3

  1. Doug says:

    Aside from Tanytrachelos and fish, what other vertebrates have you found at Solite?

  2. Alton Dooley says:

    In addition to Tanytrachelos and fish, the Solite Quarry is the only known locality for the gliding reptile Mecistotrachelos. See this page from way back in the early days of this blog:

    There are also tracks from theropod dinosaurs and phytosaurs found at Solite.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Very interesting material. Is there ever an opportunity to visit the locality with the VMNH as part of a group?

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