Wyoming Day 1

I’ve been worried the last few weeks that Shell has been receiving so much rain that we wouldn’t be able to drive to our field site. But this morning, after breakfast at Dirty Annie’s and making arrangements for lunches the rest of the week, we were able to drive to the site with no difficulty at all. After a couple of hours of digging, Nancy uncovered our first bone of the excavation (top). There are actually several areas of bone there, but the most visible one is the black streak to the left of bottom center. I don’t have any idea yet what kind of bone this might be.

We had to leave at about 1:00 pm as a storm approached; in fact, it’s raining as I sit in my cabin writing this. But it looks like we will be able to get at least some bones removed this year. Tomorrow we’ll work on this bone some more if the site is dry enough to get the truck in.

One advantage to the wet weather is that the desert is in bloom. Tim spent some time wandering around the area, taking pictures of the flowers:

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One Response to Wyoming Day 1

  1. Nancy says:

    Nice photos, Tim!

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