Wyoming Day 7

Another short day. This time it was because we lost the truck keys for several hours. We were finally able to get to the site around lunchtime, and managed to get a few hours of digging in, including removing the small probable rib shown above. We also continued removing sediment around the vertebra and femur.

Tim found more of the local wildlife:

And we finally had to wrap up early because of approaching thunderstorms, which continued into the evening:

We have a crew of 6 people now, and the weather is supposed to be clear (if hot) for the next week, so I’m optimistic that we’ll be able to remove the remaining bones soon.

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2 Responses to Wyoming Day 7

  1. Brian Beatty says:

    Holy cow, what a great photo of that lighthing! Did you happen to see where it hit? The preparator at the FLMNH years ago was a collectoer of fulgorites, and I bet one might find some great ones there…. hmmm

  2. Alton Dooley says:

    It was several miles away; I was using the zoom lens (come on, Brian, I know I’m crazy, but really…)!

    It took me better than 30 minutes to get that picture. I don’t know how many I threw away, because I was a fraction of a second too slow.

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