Wyoming Day 8

We’re into the home stretch now. We started the morning clearing the pit of the wildlife happily constructing a nest in our burlap:

We then continued work on both the femur and vertebra exposed last week. The vertebra (I think an anterior caudal vertebra, but I’m not sure) was finally top-jacketed today:

The mouse made an ill-advised return to the site while the plaster was drying, and was immediately set upon by a platoon of teenagers:

Why we don’t usually take astronomers in the field (they don’t do well in sunlight…all those late nights with their telescopes):

Tomorrow we plan to make the top jacket on the femur, which I expect to be a rather difficult bone to deal with.

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3 Responses to Wyoming Day 8

  1. Gwyn says:

    I can hear the “aww”s from here!

  2. Linda says:

    How nice a little rodent friend came to visit you at the site. They just love that burlap. They smell it for miles. Cool lightning picture from yesterday too. Seems you made excellent progress today. Good luck tomorrow on the femur.

  3. Jyl says:

    The rodent is very cute. The astronomer . . . a face only a sister could love! Yeah, that’s a nocturnal breed.

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