Wyoming Day 10

This morning was the big moment for the femur, as after an hour or so of additional undercutting we were ready to attempt flipping it over. In spite of my worries from yesterday, it went perfectly:

After a bottom jacket was made, it was ready to carry to the truck:

We have one additional bone we’re trying to recover, a possible fibula going straight into the hillside:

Possibly the biggest remaining obstacle is that I pulled a muscle in my leg walking back to the truck, and I’m not sure if I can walk back to the site. We’re taking tomorrow off (temperatures are expected to be close to 100 F), so hopefully I’ll heal enough to return to the site Friday morning as planned.

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6 Responses to Wyoming Day 10

  1. Gwyn says:

    Alton – I really appreciate the daily updates. I almost feel part of the dig, but without the sunburn, sweat, dust, and hard work.

    Are you and that crazy astronomer really the only adults there? Those sun hats make it hard to see faces – though I see a couple of the teens are too cool for hats. Then again, if I had such awesome hair, I wouldn’t wear a hat either.

  2. Alton Dooley says:

    I’m glad you like the posts, Gwyn. I’m still working on a way to cause sunburn, sweat, etc. in the readers, but the technology just doesn’t seem to be there yet; are you reading this, Steve Jobs?

    There are only two adults at the moment; well, really three, since one of the teenagers is in fact 19. But it is a little disturbing that the combined ages of the two “old people” is considerably greater than the combined ages of all four youngins.

    That makes this the youngest and least experienced group I’ve ever brought out here, but their results have proven that they’re up to the challenge!

  3. Brian Beatty says:

    Ditto about being too cool for hats – I remember when I used to go down the Suwannee River looking for Oligocene sites on a canoe, I thought my long hair would cover me adequately… then, going to Haile sites with the museum, I hadn’t learned my lesson and would go out with my shaved head and get a sunburn…. ah, the joy of youthful fossil hunting!

  4. Alton Dooley says:

    I used to have hair past my waist, and when I was 21 and working in the field it never bothered me. Now that I’m … older than 21, the hair has to come off so I don’t cook under all that insulation.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great work on the femur.
    Sorry to hear about your injury Tim.
    Hope all is better for Day 12.

  6. ScienceTim says:

    Actually, the injury was to Alton. I’m dandy!

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