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Science Scouts

I’ve spent the last week madly trying to pack for my upcoming Carmel Church excavation while buying a truck, finishing a manuscript, and working on two different SEM projects (more on those to come), which has cut into my blogging. … Continue reading

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Reptile Day

Today’s post will be short, as I’m trying to get our new fossil plant collection put away while simultaneously preparing to leave for Carmel Church at the end of the week. Saturday was Reptile Day at the museum, and while … Continue reading

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Fossil plant donation

Yesterday Tim and I drove to Norton, VA (near the Kentucky border) to meet with retired geologist Tom McLoughlin. Mr. McLoughlin is a life-long fossil collector, and donated a large collection of Pennsylvanian Period fossil plants to VMNH. And I … Continue reading

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In the lab at last

I really enjoy fossil preparation, but unfortunately I don’t get to do a lot of it because there are so many other things that have to be taken care of (like excavations; I know, what a tragedy!). I’ve actually had … Continue reading

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More from the Collections Room

Nick Fraser from the National Museum of Scotland has been at VMNH this week looking through the Triassic material from the Solite Quarry, including both unsorted material and previously studied specimens. One of the most interesting is the genotype and only … Continue reading

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Wyoming eye candy

I’m back at the museum now, trying to catch up on all the paperwork I’ve missed over the last few weeks, finish a manuscript, and get ready to go back in the field in August. One of the great things … Continue reading

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Beartooth Highway

I’m on my way home now, and the last few days have been so hectic that I haven’t been able to post much (and I’ve only occasionally had internet access). We spent last Monday in Yellowstone National Park, and exited … Continue reading

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