Fossil plant donation

Yesterday Tim and I drove to Norton, VA (near the Kentucky border) to meet with retired geologist Tom McLoughlin. Mr. McLoughlin is a life-long fossil collector, and donated a large collection of Pennsylvanian Period fossil plants to VMNH. And I do mean large:

Mr. McLoughlin:

I haven’t had a chance yet to even look at all the specimens (Tim and I just finished unloading them), but the task of cataloging and storing them will be much easier because Mr. McLoughlin has labeled everything, and included the map coordinates and coal seam name for each specimen. Here are some samples (not necessarily the highlights, just some of the things sitting on top):

VMNH’s collection was a little thin on Pennsylvanian fossils, particularly specimens from Virginia, so this is a significant addition to our collections. Thanks, Tom, for your generous donation!


On a sadder note:

I’d like to dedicate today’s entry to Samuel Andrew Moore, the son of my friends Shannon Hayes and VMNH Research Associate Andy Moore. Sam was born three months premature, and passed away last night at the age of 10 days due to complications from the premature birth.

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