Carmel Church Day 2, Jeffersoniana

Today we continued following our whale skeleton, with four people working on the main pit. Things are progressing very rapidly since we removed the overburden with a backhoe last year, and we’ve now exposed the next six vertebrae in the series (there are two just visible at the top end of the scale bar):

Mike uncovered this strange bone, which I think may be an ulna:

Right next to that, Josh found a huge Isurus tooth:

Meanwhile, Tim has been working a different pit a few feet away, following an apparently isolated rib (note the big rock sitting on top of the rib):

If things continue this well, I expect we’ll have our first jacket made by Thursday.


Today, VMNH announced that one of our scientific publication series, Jeffersoniana, is going open access; pdf’s will be available for free download at the following site:

This is part of an effort to make the museum’s research more easily available to both researchers and to the general public.

Currently only numbers 17-19 are available, but earlier issues will be added as soon as possible, and future issues will be posted at the same site. I’ll be adding a permanent link on the blog homepage.

Jeffersoniana includes papers on a variety of topics, not just paleontology, but I publish a lot of my smaller papers there. Of the three currently available, two of them are mine:Jeffersoniana 18, on Carmel Church land mammals, and Jeffersoniana 19, on the Boxley stromatolite.

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3 Responses to Carmel Church Day 2, Jeffersoniana

  1. Doug says:

    So just how much of this whale to you think you have?

    Thanks for the link to the papers. I’ll definitely have a look. It’s so hard to find papers on the internet. I occasionally get lucky in random google searches. But most journals, you have to have some kind of clout (mainly association with a credited institution). Like BioOne. They have loads of good sounding papers, but you have to subscribe to access them, and like i said, you have to be associated with an institution to be able to do that. So tally on more for this site!

  2. Alton Dooley says:

    That’s exactly our thinking. We want the results of our research to be available to as many people as possible, whether or not they are “specialists”. This is an effort to accomplish that.

    I should mention that publication in Jeffersoniana is not limited to VMNH staff; anyone is welcome to submit manuscripts. Submissions go to the Jeffersoniana editorial board to determine if the submission is appropriate for the journal, and if so, it then goes out for external peer review.

    The editorial board consists of the VMNH curatorial staff (with authors recusing themselves when their own papers are considered).

    I think seven of the 19 issued so far have been on paleontological or archaeological subjects. I expect there to be several (3-5) issues released over the next year, and a number of those will be on paleontology as well.

  3. Brian Beatty says:

    This is excellent news! Not only about the continued finds at Carmel Church, but the decision by the museum to make Jeffersoniana open access is HUGE! The VMNH is now sitting besides the AMNH and UCMP in terms of publishing – Jolly Good Show!

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