Carmel Church Day 4

It rained last night and all morning, and while we would normally dig through the rain, this time the tarp was dripping into our trench. After spending a little time at the site after breakfast cleaning mud out of the pit, we took the morning off. By lunchtime the rain had stopped, and we were able to head back to the site.

Within about 3 hours we had managed to get a nice trench dug around four vertebrae (plus an additional vertebra from a much smaller whale at center bottom):

In the late afternoon the sun even came out, and we were able to make a nice top jacket over these bones:

Tomorrow we’ll flip this jacket and move it out of the pit. The aluminum foil at the center top of the photo above is covering the next two vertebrae in the sequence, so we’re going to head there and to the left, into the wall, over the next few days.

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