Carmel Church Day 5

Today was sunny and hot, and we were able to put in almost 10 hours on site. First thing this morning we successfully flipped yesterday’s jacket (above). Under the jacket there was a small dip in the contact (the Calvert-Nanjemoy contact is very wavy), so a small part of the Calvert was left behind. In that little piece of Calvert was a chevron:

Chevrons are fairly rare at Carmel Church, and this is the first one we’ve found that is actually associated with a skeleton.

A few hours later Kayla found an essentially complete mysticete tympanic bulla (although it required a lot of glue):

It’s hard to see in the photo below, but we’ve actually exposed the next four vertebrae in the sequence (we removed the four anterior to these in yesterday’s jacket). The vertebrae are running across the middle of the image from left to right:

Tomorrow it’s supposed to get hot, but we’re well prepared with lots of tarps:

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