Carmel Church Day 6

More sun today, and a lot of progress. We found several small isolated vertebrae, including the anterior thoracic vertebra shown above. We’ve also hit some rich patches of sharks’ teeth, and probably collected close to a hundred today. On our main whale, we made a trench most of the way around the next four vertebrae, and also found the next in the series:

I think that puts us up to 30 vertebrae in this skeleton, making this the most complete vertebral column found at Carmel Church so far. We’re now well into the caudal vertebrae, which is also the first time we’ve found an articulated caudal series here.

The hazards of excavating; bitten by a 14-million-year-old shark!

With a little luck, we may be able to do our next top jacket tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Carmel Church Day 6

  1. Already have a string of caudal verts???? says:

    Butch –

    Don’t you already have a string of caudal verts found at the very south (far left) end of the exposure from 2002? I went back to double check myself that some friends & I found 2 associated in 2002 on one of the trips at the site that we were told at the time were part of a set of 15 that the VMNH had excavated earlier in the year. See:

    Wish I was able to be down there with you this time, maybe nexy year. Gla dI was able to at leats be part of this next find last year.

    BTW – Any more possible land animal remains found in association with this critter so far this trip???

  2. Alton Dooley says:

    I haven’t forgotten those vertebrae. We found several centra and other fragments that had weathered out, which included two non-consecutive caudal vertebrae from a very large whale (Eobalaenoptera-sized). We then found a jumble of vertebrae in place, and made a jacket removing what we could find there; they weren’t articulated, and they didn’t continue into a larger skeleton.

    Unfortunately, we haven’t yet opened that jacket, so I don’t know exactly what’s in there. It might be a single caudal series, but since the ones that weathered out were non-sequential I’m not sure of that. We currently have 50-60 unopened Carmel Church jackets.

    No land mammals so far on this trip, but we have another week to go!

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