Carmel Church Day 7

Another productive day today, even with temperatures approaching 100 F. We’ve removed a large number of teeth and small bones, including the shell fragment from the sea turtle Syllomus shown above. The bone below, which was literally in contact with the turtle shell, is a mystery too me. I suspect it’s a fish bone, but I don’t know what kind (or even for sure that it is fish):

We had a lot of people on hand today, which enabled us to work across about 10 feet of the exposure:

We made a bottom jacket for the bones we removed earlier in the week, and made a top jacket over the next four vertebrae in the sequence:

After about 10 hours on site, we headed to Ashland for dinner, but made a brief stop along the way to look at Triassic sandstones associated with the Taylorsville Basin. This is another Triassic rift basin (like the Danville Basin, which includes the Solite Quarry); Carmel Church sits on the edge of the basin:

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  1. Grenda says:

    I’ve been looking and hiking to quite a few Triassic sandstones in the Arches National Park today…..oh and Jurassic as well….. The Colorado Plateau is an amazing place to see incredible geological formations; petroglyphs; Native American settlements; dinosaurs; bristlecone pines growing where no other fir or pine would….the ones I hiked to were 1700 years old at over 9000 feet…older than me!!! Just to cite a few of the things one might see in northern Arizona and southern Utah. Yet I still have a fondness for cetaceans….. Can’t wait to go back to Carmel Church!

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