Carmel Church Day 8

It was scorching hot today, but we still got in a full day’s work. We’re now at the point where we’re trying to jacket the bones we’ve already found, rather than trying to expose new bones. Even so, the remains keep coming. Christina found an enormous crocodile tooth (above), I think the largest we’ve ever found at Carmel Church.

Kayla found this nice neural plate from the sea turtle Syllomus:

These both came out of the back of the pit, as we try to remove the last few feet of accessible bonebed (going in much further would require removing more than 15 feet of overburden). This is a strip of sediment running parallel to the whale we’ve been excavating. We’re getting some other intriguing remains along this exposure.

Tim found this complete rib along this stretch a few days ago:

Now we have a second complete rib just two feet away:

These ribs are about the consistent in size and curvature to come from the same whale. I don’t yet know that they’re from the same individual, but it’s certainly suggestive.

We’re taking tomorrow off to go to the Smithsonian to compare some specimens, but we’ll be back on site Wednesday.

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One Response to Carmel Church Day 8

  1. Alton Dooley says:

    We made some more jackets today, but we finished up so late I’m not going to do a separate post. I’ll post another update tomorrow night.

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