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Chesapecten jeffersonius

Last Saturday, the Virginia Natural History Society held a symposium at VMNH, “Historical Explorations into Virginia’s Natural History”, with 12 lectures on various aspects of the history of natural history studies in Virginia. I’m not going to detail all of the talks, … Continue reading

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Carmel Church material

I’ve been a bit slow with updates as I try to get specimens and text ready for a new exhibit (more on that soon), and catch up on a backlog of paperwork and other organizational duties that built up while … Continue reading

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Scapulocoracoid-the other side

Last Saturday Tim and I successfully turned over the Diplodocus scapulocoracoid; not a trivial matter, as there are bunches of ways to screw up and damage or destroy the bone. This morning I removed the remaining part of the field jacket. Since … Continue reading

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In memoriam: Jeff Sparks

It was with great sadness that I learned this morning of the passing of my friend Jeff Sparks. Jeff was an avid fossil collector, and for the last several years had been collecting and donating specimens for both VMNH and … Continue reading

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Storage jacket, and anniversary

We’ve finally begun making the storage jacket for our Diplodocus scapulocoracoid. Because this specimen is still in a half field jacket, and not in the sandbox, we have to modify our technique a bit. The permanent storage jacket needs a flange around … Continue reading

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Bluefield Formation

On Friday Brett, Tim, and I headed to West Virginia to look for potential fossiliferous outcrops. One of our stops was along a railroad cut near Kellysville, where there is an exposure of the late Mississippian Bluefield Formation (~325 Ma). … Continue reading

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Diplodocus scapulocoracoid update

For more than a year we’ve been slowly preparing a large diplodocid scapulocoracoid from Wyoming. We’ve finally completed one side of this specimen (above).

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