Diplodocus scapulocoracoid update

For more than a year we’ve been slowly preparing a large diplodocid scapulocoracoid from Wyoming. We’ve finally completed one side of this specimen (above). In the next week or so, we’ll make a permanent storage jacket for this side of the bone, then flip it over and remove the other side of the field jacket. That will allow us to prepare the other side.

This is an unusually long time to be working on a single bone. This has been a fairly low priority for me since I’m not trying to complete this specimen for a paper. Moreover, it’s been nice having this bone in the lab window for visitors to see. It’s a huge specimen, and probably came from an animal approaching 90 feet in length (which is the length of our main exhibit hall). Even so, I don’t expect to spend such a long time on the other side. We’re getting a big backlog of jackets in the basement, so we’re going to have to move some dinosaurs through the lab over the next few months.

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8 Responses to Diplodocus scapulocoracoid update

  1. Doug says:

    Again, if I didn’t live at the opposite end of the country, i’d stop by and give you a hand. By backlog, you mean a backlog of Wyoming jackets, or jackets in general?

  2. Alton Dooley says:

    Mostly Wyoming jackets, although we have something like 60-70 unopened Carmel Church jackets as well.

  3. Jeff says:

    Butch,I know you hav a lot on your plate,however I haven’t heard much more about the fossil sperm whale I discovered.Any plans for it in the near future?

  4. Alton Dooley says:

    Actually, there are plans for it in the fairly near future. We’ve got several large dinosaur bones that are on the verge of completion, which will free up my sandbox for the sperm whale. I hope to have the cranium of the sperm whale completed by the end of the year, or early next year.

  5. Audrey Ryan says:

    Is this a left or right scapulocoracoid and how big is it?

  6. altondooley says:

    I believe it’s a right, so the image is a lateral view. I don’t have the exact length at hand, but I think it’s a bit over 1.5 m long. The scale in the image is 10 cm.

  7. Audrey Ryan says:

    Thanks Alton

  8. altondooley says:

    We measured it yesterday. It’s about 135 cm, so I overestimated a bit in my previous comment.

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