Singing Darwin

This Tuesday, November 24, will be the 150th anniversary of the publication of On the Origin of Species be Charles Darwin. In honor of this event, the School of Visual Arts at Virginia Tech is presenting a performance art event called “Singing Darwin”. The show was developed and directed by Carol Burch-Brown, who was also heavily involved with the development of the selection simulation used in our evolution exhibit last February.

The show actually will last 24 continuous hours, from 7:00 pm EST on Monday to 7:00 pm Tuesday (that’s midnight to midnight Greenwich time). I know little about the details, but it will include interpretive and improvisational dance and music, and will track through each chapter of Origin; during the 24 hours the entire text of Origin will be read aloud by various people. Many of the components were filmed in advance, including footage from Carmel Church, Britain, and the Galapagos (Carol went there over the summer specifically to film footage for this performance).

I will also be in the show, roughly around 11:00 am EST on Tuesday, with the Diorocetus skull from Carmel Church. This is completely unlike anything I’ve done before, so it should be exciting!

If you’re in Virginia, the performance is open to the public and will be held at the Armory Gallery. It will also be webcast at

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