“Picasso” update

**This is new text for this post. Due to a technical error, the original text was lost.***

A few weeks ago I mentioned that Brett had given the name “Picasso” to the Carmel Church whale currently being prepared in the lab. Picasso’s skull is shown above, still in its field jacket. Here is an annotated version of the same image, with a key below:

  1. Left squamosal
  2. Left supraorbital process, pushed back into the temporal fossa
  3. Right squamosal, rotated about 45 degrees inward
  4. Right postglenoid process, rotated out and up
  5. Right zygomatic process of the squamosal, angled out 45 degrees and rotated 90 degrees
  6. Right supraorbital process?
  7. Rostral fragments
  8. Location of 3 tympanic bullae

The two squamosals are also further apart than they should be. Presumably the supraoccipital is crushed between them. All this dislocation and rotation led to this specimen’s nickname.

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