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New dinosaur jacket

Having completed our Diplodocus scapulocoracoid, during Dino Day last Saturday we opened a new dinosaur jacket. This appears to be a somewhat crushed sauropod right femur (thigh bone).

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Dino Day 2010

VMNH’s Dino Day festival was held yesterday. The day started off early with the installation of a new exhibit case. One of our volunteers, Mike Morriss, owns Imageworks, a cabinetry manufacturer in Chester, Virginia. Imageworks is constructing and donating two beautiful … Continue reading

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“Messages from the Mesozoic” exhibit open

Last night we had a members’ reception at VMNH to mark the opening of a new temporary exhibit, “Messages from the Mesozoic”. The centerpiece of the exhibit is a mounted cast of Acrocanthosaurus atokensis, on loan from the North Carolina Museum … Continue reading

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Back to Beckley

I spent yesterday in Beckley, WV at the Boxley Materials Quarry there. Boxley is donating two truckloads of Pennsylvanian New River Formation to the museum for Dino Day.

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Diplodocid scapulocoracoid – almost finished

On Dino Day two years ago we opened a jacket from Wyoming containing a diplodocid scapulocoracoid.

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New and upcoming exhibits and events

Usually March to October is my busiest time of year, since that’s when I’m in the field, but this winter has been kind of a whirlwind. Besides writing deadlines, I’ve been involved in the planning for several exhibits and events.

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From the collections room (Balaenula)

This is more fallout from my forthcoming paper on the fossil vertebrates of Virginia. There are extensive Pliocene marine deposits in Virginia, particularly along the James and York Rivers. The Yorktown Formation, particularly its oldest member (the Sunken Meadow), has … Continue reading

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