Boxley comes through again

Photo by Mel Cartwright/VMNH

Charles Craddock from Boxley Materials delivered another great plant fossil to VMNH yesterday morning. The new specimen is a four-foot long plant trunk from Boxley’s quarry in Beckley, West Virginia. I think all the fossil plant material at the Beckley Quarry comes from the lower Pennsylvanian New River Formation.

The new specimen appears to be a lycopsid (club moss), although I’m not yet sure what taxon it represents. Several different lycopsids are known from the Pennsylvanian sediments in the Appalachians, including Lepidodendron and Sigillaria.

We’ll be cleaning this specimen pretty quickly. Our plan is to display it in the coal swamp exhibit in the “Uncovering Virginia” hall later this year.

Photo by Mel Cartwright/VMNH

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3 Responses to Boxley comes through again

  1. Doug says:

    Lucky how you have a business that likes to give you such wonderful fossils.

    And offense, but you look like Yukon Cornelius.

  2. Alton Dooley says:

    Boxley has really stepped up and embraced the museum’s research and education activities. They’ve been a pleasure to work with, and I’m looking forward to our future activities with them.

    I would love to have Yukon Cornelius’ beard and mustache! I’m allergic to peppermint, though, so that could present a problem.

  3. Doug says:

    Sorry, i had meant no offense [ still getting used to my new laptop’s keyboard (hooray, my own computer!)]. Peppermint allergies or not, maybe you’ll be the first paleontologist to find a fossil by throwing your pick into the air and tasting the part that hits the ground.

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