Carmel Church Day 5


We had a full schedule since VMNH Director Dr. Joe Keiper was visiting the site today, along with his family and several members of the VMNH Board of Trustees and the VMNH Foundation Board. But even before their arrival, the day started off right with Tim’s discovery of a plate from the leatherback turtle Psephophorus calvertensis. This is only the second Psephophorus specimen we’ve ever collected here; thirteen months ago, Tim’s mom found the first Psephophorus ever identified from Carmel Church, which was possibly also the first example of this species from Virginia.

That didn’t finish off our work. Shortly after lunch, volunteer Rachel Livengood found this tiny tooth, which I believe is from a small kentriodontid dolphin:

Within 10 minutes, trustee Dr. Jim Murray found a second dolphin tooth from a different taxon in one of the spoil piles:

We actually got a fair amount of trench work done as well, until I found an axis (2nd neck vertebra) sitting in the middle of my trench:

Near the end of the day, Tim Livengood found this strange tooth, of a shape I haven’t seen before:

So, shark tooth guys, what are we looking at here? An extreme posterior tooth of Hemipristis or Galeocerdo, or maybe a pathological example of one of these? Or perhaps something like Galeorhinus?

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One Response to Carmel Church Day 5

  1. Sean says:

    I think I’d have to go with a Hemipristis, Butch. The serrations on the distal side seem too coarse for Galeocerdo.

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